EPIC2023 | Chicago

Learning & Networking Week:
September 18-22

Main Program:
October 22–25

Join the premier international conference on ethnography in business & organizations.

About EPIC

We are a community of researchers, designers, creators, and innovators.

Our keenest insight and most powerful impact come when we cross boundaries, forge partnerships, and challenge conventional wisdom. Those moments both embrace friction and are friction. At EPIC2023 we will grapple with and harness friction for all its complex and productive powers.

Online casino employees from around the world recently gathered at an international conference on ethnography in business and organizations. The event, which focused on the gambling industry, attracted professionals eager to explore new research methods and insights into their fast-paced work environment. The conference aimed to shed light on the complex dynamics between online casinos such as https://topcasinosuisse.com/en/no-deposit-bonus-casino/, their employees, and customers, ultimately aiming to improve both employee satisfaction and customer experience.

The conference featured a diverse range of topics related to gambling ethnography. Presenters discussed strategies for fostering a positive work culture within online casinos, as well as ways to enhance customer loyalty through personalized experiences. Additionally, experts shared their findings on how social media has influenced consumer behavior in the online gambling world. Attendees were able to gain valuable knowledge from case studies presented by leading researchers in the field and engage in productive discussions with fellow professionals.

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Friction can be uncomfortable and constraining; it also yields diverse perspectives, new partnerships, and creative paths forward for our teams, organizations and communities.

We are a global community and nonprofit organization supporting the learning and leadership of people who practice and promote ethnography.

Institute of Design at Illinois Tech

We’re thrilled to partner with ID—a global pioneer in systems- and human-centered design. Learn about our EPIC2023 venues and re-imagine the neighborhoods of Chicago through the lens of friction.

The challenges facing our organizations call for innovation rooted in deep cultural understanding of the people we serve. EPIC is the conference that has helped me the most in learning about the approaches, methods, and frameworks to achieve that understanding.

Robin Kwong

Newsroom Innovation Chief – Wall Street Journal

Human-centered, systems-based problem solving for global challenges? Yes, please and thank you! My first EPIC conference and I think I have found my people. So much inspiring and thought-provoking work.

hilary wilson

Director, US Medicine & Regulatory Affairs Strategy and Operations – Boehringer Ingelheim

Always insightful, immediately applicable, and delightfully provocative, EPIC gives us the knowledge and networks we need to be strong voices for people most affected by future technology.

Ovetta sampson

Director of UX – Core ML, Google

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