About EPIC

EPIC is a global community, annual conference, and nonprofit organization that supports the learning and leadership of people who practice and promote ethnography.


EPIC people bring conceptual leadership and practical skills to the problems and opportunities faced by organizations, markets, and society.

Working in diverse disciplines and roles, we are unified by an ethnographic approach to innovation that is anchored in deep understandings of culture and human behavior.

We are a warm, inclusive community that combines practical learning and expertise, meaningful networking, and the inspiration and debate that we need to grow and evolve in a changing world. EPIC is a nonprofit organization powered by members and volunteers; learn more.

We invite you to join EPIC2023 and explore our phenomenal library, job board, and year-round courses and events.

Always insightful, immediately applicable, and delightfully provocative, EPIC gives us the knowledge and networks we need to be strong voices for people.

Ovetta Sampson

Director of UX - Core ML, Google

About The Conference

Who Attends EPIC

EPIC brings together researchers, designers, strategists, marketers, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives, scholars, students, and more. We hail from every industry and sector, including Fortune-500 companies, the world’s top technology firms, management consultancies and design studios, universities and NGOs, public policy organizations and governments.

This diversity across sectors, industries and professional roles enables collaboration and creative thinking across silos. Engaging with a range of perspectives and expertise beyond traditional silos expands our understanding and broadens the impact of our work.


What Happens at EPIC2023

  • Learn expertise, methods, and skills we need to excel in our work and lead change in our organizations and communities
  • Explore social dynamics and cultural contexts that shape our organizations, products, services and practices
  • Find new sources of inspiration and space for reflection that are so critical to transformative work—but so difficult to access in the hustle of daily commitments
  • Build lasting connections and networks that we need to thrive as people and professionals

EPIC attendees say they feel like they’ve finally found “their people”; they also say they were inspired by unexpected people and new perspectives. This is the rich quality of a community dedicated to sharing, learning, debating, and evolving together in a changing world.

Our conference program is developed by independent committees, and our open Call for Participation invites proposals from a wide range of perspectives. As a result, the conference experience offers key expertise and skills you need, as well as inspiration and provocations that open new horizons. 

Photo of Elena O'Curry

“Every EPIC conference I’ve been to has been different and every single one has been fantastic in its own way. Consistently one of the best things in my professional life for over a decade.”

Senior UX Researcher, Google

Photo of Lionel Ochs

“EPIC conference and its amazing EPIC People community is a very special experience, where incredible thinking, energy, passion and kindness all come together in thought provoking presentations and conversations.”

Founding Partner & CEO, Methos; Sustainable Futures Facilitator, Emlyon Business School

“Human-centered, systems-based problem solving for global challenges? Yes, please and thank you! My first EPIC conference and I think I have found my people. So much inspiring and thought-provoking work.”

Director, US Medicine & Regulatory Affairs Strategy and Operations, Boehringer Ingelheim