EPIC is committed to meeting our community’s access needs, for members attending and presenting at the conference in 2023.

We are working on:

  • Multiple channels to perceive the live activities and print materials provided. Our aim is to provide as many channels as possible; for example: live captioning, audio description, streaming for off-site participants, accessible print materials, and alt text. We will update this site as channels are confirmed.
  • Support to move around and between our physical site at the Institute of Design at Illinois Tech and any off-site events. For example: accessibility guides for buildings and clear instructions for accessible transit options. Please note that all of our venues are wheelchair accessible.
  • Dedicated quiet spaces for people who think at their best, and feel energized, when they can take breaks from the conference hustle and bustle (including nursing babies and their parents).
  • Options for conference-goers to eat and drink suitably for their dietary needs
  • Information to help participants plan with their access needs in mind; for example: photos and descriptions of our physical site and any other venues for off-site events.
  • Informed staff and volunteers who are willing to troubleshoot quickly and creatively when problems arise.
  • Support to help presenters make their talks useful and enjoyable for other conference-goers, including guidelines on designing accessible presentation materials.

Below are recommended resources on accessibility:

We will continue to update this site with more:

  • Recommended resources on accessibility in Chicago
  • Guides to accessible transit to reach our conference site and any off-site activities
  • Photos and descriptions of our physical site and any other venues for off-site events

Do you have questions about accessibility at EPIC? Please contact our accessibility team: